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API Solutions

Nobel’s messaging services can be integrated via multiple API services that are integrated with the customers’ existing infrastructure successfully delivering digital interaction over SMS as the communications channel. As a result enterprises gain increase mobility, efficiency and value that they can pass on to their customers. With our own in-house technical expertise, installed at various operator facilities, our SMS solutions deliver better accountability, load-balancing and ROI beyond any other.

Platform Reliability

Our telecommunications industry expertise developed over the past 15 years enables us to market solutions that meet the highest and latest customer expectations possible. Our SMS platform combines in-house developed elements with proven long term existing solutions of major names in the telecom industry into a seamless and reliable solution that makes sure your message is delivered in the optimal conditions.

Unicode Message

The Unicode alphabet contains multilingual characters other the common alphabets including also some special characters. Alphabets such as Arabic, Urdu, and Chinese contain special characters and must be sent using the Unicode standard. These types of messages support any language and character in the world, but are known to take more space within the SMS text. Typically one SMS credit is limited to 70 characters. Nobel’s messaging platform fully supports Unicode messages and can send long Unicode messages up to 100 characters.

Number Portability

Portability check allows a user to find out the portability status of a MSISDN number. This feature also allows users to set preferential routing so that the most efficient cost option is always utilized.

Low Latency

Deriving from our amazing strong network reach of over 800 operators worldwide, we succeed in maintaining a high level of quality on all of our services. The extensive numbers of direct interconnections allows us to rapidly switch between operators resulting in service levels that are above any customer’s expectations.

Long Message Support

SMS text messages are normally limited to 160 characters, but on most GSM networks it is possible to send longer text messages. Our network supports messages of up to 200 characters and is able to deliver the messages in the optimal conditions across the globe.

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