1. How much does it cost?

The cost of the service depends on the product and route used. We provide users with several product options which have different levels of connectivity and have predefined features and costs.
All prices are available in the “Pricing & Coverage” section.

2. Are there any other costs involved to send SMS?

There are no setup fees, monthly fees or any other additional fees.The service is prepaid which means that you pay in advance and you can make use of the service anytime you want. The balance does not expire, so you have access to the service you paid for at any time.
Nobel SMS provides one-way SMS, meaning that the service does not include the price of a possible reply. Should the recipients reply to one of the text messages sent via Nobel SMS, they will incur charges from their local provider.
The feature of customized sender ID does not apply any additional cost.

3. What routes do you provide?

Nobel SMS provides an A to Z SMS termination worldwide at the most competitive rates. There are three routing groups available to use (1) Basic, (2) Pro, and (3) Enterprise.

4. How do I pay for SMS?

Nobel SMS is a prepaid service. You can purchase credits online via Credit or Debit card. Please see our “Payments-Make a Payment” section for more detailed information.

5. Do you offer any discounts?

We provide discounts in case you want to send more than 3,000,000 SMS for one destination.

6. Will the system allow 100 or more simultaneous messages?

Yes, our system will definitely allow 100 or (many) more messages per day at a time. We also offer the unlimited capacity on our Enterprise product. Nobel SMS offers the same easy to use service for individual or bulk SMS needs.

7. Do you provide status reports for the undelivered messages?

The Pro and Enterprise routes offer status reports while The Basic Route does not guarantee status reports. All messages sent via Enterprise routes will have a status report whether successfully delivered or not.

8. How long does it take to deliver messages?

Typically, messages are delivered within 10 seconds on The Enterprise route and within 5 minutes on The Pro route.

9. Is it possible to use the "Sender ID" parameter?

Yes, you can set up the Sender ID parameter when you use any of our routes. However, on delivery, the sender ID can be changed in case a country where you send an SMS does not allow the type of sender ID you set up.

10. Do you provide the option to send SMS with special characters?

Yes, you can send messages with special characters. The character length for your message will be shorter though (about 70 characters).

11. How do I register?

Registering for an account is free and only takes a few minutes. All fields must be filled out to register. Once you finish the registration, a confirmation will be sent to your email.
You will need to provide the following information:
Name - First and Last Name
Cell number (country code and number with no spaces or leading zero, e.g. 44123456789)
Once you have entered the information you need to accept our “Terms and Conditions”; “Privacy Policy” and “No Spam” agreement. Then Click ‘Send Registration’ and you will receive the confirmation to your personal email address.

In case you don’t receive the activation e-mail, please e-mail us using the “Contact Us” page. Please include your Name, Cell number and your e-mail address.

12. How do I Log in?

Go to our website www.nobelsms.com, the Login section, fill in 'E-mail' and 'Password'. Both fields are case sensitive. Click 'Login' to access the home page from your account. For detailed help on user account functions please send us an e-mail via the “Contact Us” section.